Louis André Jørgensen is a visual artist and writer working with text-based performance, photography, sculpture, drawing and installation. They use language and writing as a motor to explore our concepts of nature and the natural, as well as grief and queer identity. Focusing on the poetry of our material surroundings and their layered history, they develop site- and context-specific works in which slowness and immersion are central methods. As part of an ongoing project exploring the concept of Lithofeminism, they have created numerous works which center stones as important but overlooked elements in the biosphere. These works do not only use geology as a metaphor, but express a curious love for the rocks, the mountains and the earth, seeking intimacy and kinship with the bodies of the stones.

Louis André Jørgensen has studied visual arts at The Jutland Art Academy in Aarhus and at The Art Academy in Trondheim, and critical writing at Biskops Arnö School of Writing in Sweden.