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Hand sewn book published by Aleatorik, containing five translated texts which together make the manuscript for a performance piece with the same title.

Translated by Julie Stokkendal, Markus Lantto, Saskia Vogel, Richard Stobier and Kenn Mouritzen.


The book is based on a text originally written in Danish, inwhich a first person narrator talks about being in their apartment, listening to their neighbor through the wall, talking on the phone, reading emails and chatting with a friend, who lives on the other side of the Atlantic. Language flows through several channels, communication and miscommunication happens, stories are retold, interpretations and assumptions are made. This original Danish text is not present in the book. It has gone through a chain of translations: from Danish to Norwegian, from Norwegian to Swedish, from Swedish to English, from English to German and from German back to Danish. In their work with the text, the Swedish, English, German and Danish translators have not been able to consult the original Danish text. They have followed their own instincts and thus set the text in motion.