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Digital print on paper (model wearing the work Rose Gold)

Series of 5 works.

Work above measures 43 x 29 cm.


Money, despite the value and function they are assigned, are thought of as dirty. On the one hand in a concrete way, because they get dirty from being handled – and children are urged to wash their hands after touching money, just like after using the toilet. But money is also considered unclean in a figurative sense, for the same reason sex workers are stigmatized as unclean: They are not untouched – on the contrary.

In the works, a young man is seen in various everyday situations while wearing a ring and a set of earrings made with Norwegian 50-øre coins. The 50-øre was withdrawn as a valid means of payment in Norway in 2012, but until 2022, the coin can still be redeemed at Norges Bank. It is thus at the end of the transitional period, where its value on the one hand has diminished, as shop owners are no longer obliged to accept it, but on the other hand it can still be exchanged for viable coins in the central bank.

43 x 29 cm.

43 x 29 cm.

35 x 29 cm.

43 x 28 cm.